A jQuery Plugin to Fade In and Out with a Vertical Slide

Fade a bit more nicely with the .showDown() and .hideUp() functions. Show and hide with vertical sliding (only) and a fading effect.


JQuery’s .show() and .hide() effects are useful, but I’m not cool with their width resizing.
This plugin allows you to show and hide elements with a vertical slide and a fading effect.

You can use the .showDown(), .hideUp() and .verticalFade() functions the same way you would use jQuery’s .fadeIn(), .fadeOut() or .fadeToggle() effects.


queue (default: true)
Type: Boolean or String
A Boolean indicating whether to place the animation in the effects queue. If false, the animation will begin immediately. […]

jQuery’s queue option definition
Toggle Example
$('#trigger-example').click(function () {
  $('#example').verticalFade({ duration: 'slow' });


(function ($) {
  var getUnqueuedOpts = function (opts) {
    return {
      queue: false,
      duration: opts.duration,
      easing: opts.easing
  $.fn.showDown = function (opts) {
    opts = opts || {};
    $(this).hide().slideDown(opts).animate({ opacity: 1 }, getUnqueuedOpts(opts));
  $.fn.hideUp = function (opts) {
    opts = opts || {};
    $(this).show().slideUp(opts).animate({ opacity: 0 }, getUnqueuedOpts(opts));
  $.fn.verticalFade = function (opts) {
    opts = opts || {};
    if ($(this).is(':visible')) {
    } else {