LESS Compiler for WordPress


A LESS compiler for WordPress ! This is a plugin that will allow you to write and compile LESS, and to edit style variables straight into your WordPress dashboard.

Peek-A-Boo PlaceHolders, Floating Labels for Bootstrap 3

Hide labels behind inputs on Bootstrap’s horizontal forms, until the user starts to fill them up and it’s then sliding on. Preferably for inputs with placeholders.

A WordPress Settings Class for Options Pages

WordPress Settings

Based on the WordPress Settings API, a class to generate options pages. Create settings forms with all basic input types, selects, textareas and media uploads.

A jQuery Plugin to Fade In and Out with a Vertical Slide

Fade a bit more nicely with the .showDown() and .hideUp() functions. Show and hide with vertical sliding (only) and a fading effect.

Basic Collisions Detection, RayCasting with Three.Js

Collisions Detection

An other experiment with three.js, on character controls and raycasting for obstacles detection.

Basic Character Controls with Three.Js

An experiment with three.js, the 3D JavaScript library. Code explanation on keyboard control for a 3D character.

Board Game Experiment, with JS Prototypes and Canvas


A first experiment in game development. Adaptation of the board game Quoridor, with basic path finding and “artificial kinda intelligence” inside !

Responsive Adsense Plugin for WordPress

A simple widget to display the bigger Google Adsense unit that can fit in the container.

Travel Routes WordPress Plugin

A WordPress plugin to display routes and locations on a customizable map.

Image Parallax Plugin for WordPress

WordPress Parallax Icon

Parallax as a new media type ! Upload your layers, and then insert images with a depth effect into your posts.